Hello there, internet friend! 🖖

I'm Nikolaj Lollike, a 26 year-old technologist from Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am studying a Master of Science in E-Business at Copenhagen Business School, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Software Development from IT University of Copenhagen.

I once wrote a bachelor thesis, which was later turned into an academic article for ECIS 2016 about the opportunities and challenges of utilising Ethereum for decentralised applications.

I work as an innovation specialist at Smart Payments, where I am transforming the payment experience of the future, utilising emerging technologies. Hint: Blockchain is a big part of it 😉

I have developed, and will teach a Blockchain Business Development course at Copenhagen Business School, which will be offered from Fall 2018.

I also co-founded the Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup, a group that hosts free Ethereum related talks every other month.

Once in a blue moon, I blog about distributed ledgers and other emerging technologies.

When I'm not busy transforming our lives with technology, I play games 🎮, guitars 🎸, and look at the stars 🔭.

If you want to reach out to me, shoot me an e-mail at nikolaj@lollike.org or poke me on LinkedIn.

That is all! 🙃